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He is a cash cow (16th Nov 22 at 1:44am UTC)
Regardless of the artist's ideas, regardless of the direction of the artist's development, forced arrangements, is that how you do things? Open your mouth and shut your mouth is what the other person thinks. Whose person are you? Cheng Zhi's voice sank, and all the people in the conference room looked at the crane Meiyun. He Meiyun was so embarrassed that her face was pale. "I am also for the good of Xu can. Now the artists who play this reality show have a very high degree of topic, which can improve the exposure rate," she said. "But.." A girl suddenly said, "a few days ago, during their filming, an artist was cut in the game and was scolded miserably on the Internet." He Meiyun secretly glared at the girl, who was not afraid at all and smiled at her. Cheng Zhi said lightly, "I don't think you look well. Are you in poor health recently?"? I can give you a few days off and come back to the company after a period of recuperation. Although it is not explicitly stated, the meaning is obvious enough. He Meiyun lowered her head in despair and squeezed out a few words from her teeth: "Yes, thank you, General Manager Cheng." He Meiyun left the meeting early. Cheng Zhi looked at the young girl and asked, "How long have you been in the company?"? Why haven't I seen you before? The girl stood up and said with a smile,rotary vacuum disc filters, "My name is Zeng Nuonuo. I'm an intern from Qiu Zhao." Cheng Zhi nodded, not too concerned. After the meeting, Wan Ying came over with Cheng Zhi's mobile phone, "Mr. Cheng, Mr. Meng called during your meeting, and I told him that you were in a meeting." An employee beside Cheng Zhi was holding an iPad to let Cheng Zhi watch the tentative cast list of a TV series. Cheng Zhi did not raise his head and asked,filter nozzle, "Is he the only one with a phone?" Wan Ying was stupefied and said, "Yes." The employee took the iPad and left. Cheng Zhi took the mobile phone and did not rush to call back Meng Bowen. Instead, he opened WeChat. 999 + new messages, none from Xu can. Cheng Zhi stared at the night Milky Way for a long time and deleted the chat window. After deletion, the message record of the chat will be cleared. Yes, delete. The winter sun shone on her face, cold and cold. The author has something to say: Xu can: Do you want to be clear? It's better to dream. (Take out a small notebook: Put up a skirt and don't recognize people + 2 Thanks to the little angel who voted for me or irrigated nutrient solution during 2019-12-03 21:07:28 ~ 2019-12-04 20:42:01. Thanks to the little angel who threw the mine: Yeah. 1; Thanks to the little angel who irrigates the nutrient solution: I love 8 bottles of plantain mulberry; 3 bottles of silence; Thank you very much for your support, I will continue to work hard! 、c13 Meng Bowen invited Cheng Zhi to have dinner together on the weekend. Since the end of the dance, Meng Po-wen has often taken the initiative to chat with Cheng Zhi, perhaps to say something interesting about what he has seen and heard, or just to send her an invitation. His messages have a certain interval, which is not boring. He is a person who makes people feel happy to get along with each other. Without Cheng Miao's orders, fine bubble diffuser ,Dissolved Gas Flotation, if he was not surnamed Meng, Cheng Zhi would be very happy to make friends with him. Meng Bowen's invitation she refused twice, perhaps Meng Bowen also felt Cheng Zhi intentionally avoided, so for a long time did not mention to have dinner together, but this dinner is different, because Zhao Puliang has just returned home. It's not surprising that Meng Bowen and Zhao Puliang knew each other, but Cheng Zhi didn't think they would be familiar with each other for dinner. In any case, in the face of the invitation of two friends, Cheng Zhi is unable to refuse. After Cheng Zhi replied to the message, Meng Bowen quickly sent an address. Cheng Zhi checked that it was a newly opened Western restaurant on Nanjing East Road. It was still under renovation when he passed by two months ago. Cheng Zhi got off work early and went to the restaurant. Meng Bowen and Zhao Puliang were chatting by the window. They saw Cheng Zhi waving through the window. Meng Bowen got up to greet him. The three of them chatted like friends who had been away for many years before they began to eat. In the middle of Cheng Zhi's meal, the mobile phone in his bag suddenly vibrated. She suspected that Wan Ying had sent her a message and took out her cell phone only to find that it was a missed call. It's Xu can. Then he sent another message: I'm at the police station.
Cheng Zhi suddenly got up and startled Zhao Puliang, who was next to her. Seeing Cheng Zhi's slightly worried eyes, he stood up. Meng Bowen said, "What's wrong?" Cheng Zhi picked up the bag and said to Meng Bowen and Zhao Puliang, "I'm sorry. Something happened to the artists in the company. I have to go and have a look. I'll treat you another day." The voice did not fall, the person has already walked out quickly. Zhao Puliang was not surprised by Cheng Zhi's sudden departure from the table. He said to Meng Po-wen with a smile, "Being a boss is busy."? She didn't take her coat. What's the hurry? Only then did Meng Po-wen notice Cheng Zhi's coat. He got up and said, "I'll send it over. Enjoy it." Then he hurried out. Zhao Puliang was dumbfounded and looked at Meng Bowen's back and smiled angrily. No wonder this boy is so enthusiastic about him, on the way to meet by chance to have dinner together, and so he agreed to invite Cheng Zhi to come, the result in the end, he is a foil. Meng Bowen went out a little late, just after going out to see Cheng Zhi driving away, Meng Bowen hurried to drive after, but found that her path is not leading to the company. He slowed down to follow and finally stopped in front of the police station. Cheng Zhi almost rushed to the door of the police station after getting out of the car, slowed down his pace when he walked inside, raised his hand to tidy up his hair and went to the teenager with his back to her. She walked up to Xu can, grabbed his arm and fiddled with it from side to side, checking whether there were any scars on his body, and even looked at his shoes. It's clean. It's not like you've been in a fight. The policeman on the side laughs: "What are you doing this?"? He's not a victim. He's here to report a crime. Cheng Zhi stared at Xu can:.. Report a case? Xu can nodded, "someone broke into my house and was just caught by me." "A thief or a bastard?" "It's illegitimate." He approached her, took one of her fingers and complained, "She used my bathroom, my toothbrush, my towel, and rolled in my bed in my shirt. It was disgusting." Cheng Zhi took a quick look at the policeman, calmly pulled out his hand,MBR reactor, gave him a warning look, and then said indifferently: "It's all right, I'll deal with it." 。
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