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Northrend by Time (16th Nov 22 at 1:58am UTC)
"All right, I promise." "I don't care, my youth is spent on you, those female classmates who were interested in me at that time have become the mother of the child, I have no one to take you to be responsible for me.." The man next to him pushed him. "Where did you put your ears?"? She said yes. "Don't push me. Let me finish." What, what? He opened his mouth so wide that his eyes almost fell out. "What did you say?" He asked. Ruan Jing gave him an angry white look: "I said I promise you, did you hear clearly?" "Really, really?" It's silly to reach out and pick out your ears. Don't believe it? Forget it. Forget I said anything. "Believe!"! Of course I do! You've said it, don't go back on your word! However, he was so ecstatic that he hugged Ruan Jing and kissed her on her face, and his mouth stuck to her face like glue and refused to let go. There was a lot of whistling around. Ruan Jing's face immediately turned red and pushed him hard: "Hey, don't fool around, there are so many people.." However, after kissing for more than ten seconds, he loosened up and grinned like a fool: "I've been thinking about this for three years, and I can't be ambiguous." You can't see me shushing him: "You're three centimeters away from what you've been thinking about for three years. Come on." Ruan Jing's face was even redder. However, he was so thick-skinned that he didn't think much of it: "I went back that night and made up for it. There will be plenty of opportunities in the future. Don't worry." An Sidong couldn't help smiling through tears and clapped his hands with the others. She was genuinely happy for them. Fortunately, there is no alternative, no regret for infatuation. Fortunately, he and Elder Martial Sister are lucky. After so many years of waiting, they can finally be together. A group of people laughed and drank a few bottles of wine, forcing them to kneel down to show their loyalty and so on. They didn't disperse until the waiter came to urge them to pay the bill at nine o'clock. Several people went to the door together and discussed going back together. Fourth Master and you can't see that I'm going to take the subway. There are several people living nearby. Ruan Jing's dormitory has expired, and she rented a house temporarily in the campus staff area, which is the nearest. "Wife, I can't drive after drinking. It's so late and the bus is gone. You can take me in for one night." Immediately drew a hiss: "Oh, someone has bad intentions." "You won't take the subway,outdoor endless pool," said Ruan Jing. "My home is far away from the subway station, and there is still a section of road under construction in the middle. I drink so much that I can't walk straight. Aren't you afraid that I will fall into a big pit?" He looked at Ruan Jing with tears in his eyes and continued to act cute. The Fourth Master deliberately advised Ruan Jing, "Don't be softhearted for a moment. If you really let him go, you will definitely invite the wolf into the house." Ruan Jing said, "I rent a one-bedroom apartment, and there is no place for you to sleep." "I'll sleep on the sofa in the living room." "There is no sofa in the hall of the old house." "Then you can take me home. My place is big." Can't you see that I imitated his tone and said, "My bed is also very big, enough to sleep two people." But I was so angry that I kicked him, and you couldn't see me jumping away. That being said, in the end, until we break up and say goodbye, but the deep feelings are still hanging on Ruan Jing, I do not know if it will succeed. An Sidong also drank several cups later and walked in an S shape. There was a series of steps in the doorway, hot tub wholesale ,jacuzzi suppliers, and as soon as she stepped on them, she was about to roll down the steps. Qu Weien walked behind her and grabbed her: "Be careful." The back of her head hit his chest, almost hugged by him in his arms, hurriedly broke away: "It's all right, I, I can walk..." Ruan Jing asked, "Wax Gourd, how do you go back?" "I'll take the subway with them." Ruan Jing asked again, "Is there anyone standing with Wax Gourd?"? Take care of her. Several people who took the subway asked each other, but no one got off at the same station with her. The only one who went the same way with her, you can't see that I'm going to find my girlfriend today. Qu Weien says suddenly: "I also live that one piece, I drive her to go back." Uh. Chapter 15 She had that dream again. He also dreamed that when he was a freshman, the class went to the Western Hills for an autumn outing. She accidentally sprained her foot, and he carried her down the mountain.
His back was broad and firm, and she lay on top of him, her arms around his neck, staggering, almost falling asleep. In the western hills in autumn, the red leaves are like fire all over the mountains, surrounded by narrow and quiet mountain paths, only the two of them, accompanied by clear birdsong, echoed in the empty mountains. She blushed, plucked up her courage and whispered in his ear, "Qu Weien, I like you. Will you be my boyfriend?" His ears were red and he turned his head slightly sideways. She saw his lips move, but the words were covered by another hard voice: "An Sidong, wake up." What a nuisance! Why wake her up now. She waved her hand, trying to get rid of the hateful voice, and asked closer to him, "What did you say?"? I didn't hear you. I told you to wake up! Now she really woke up and opened her eyes in a daze, only to see the reflection of the windshield in front of her, reflecting her faint reflection, as if she were in a car. The hard voice said, "Here we are. Get off." "Oh.." She answered vaguely, and before her eyelids were fully open, she turned sideways to touch the car door. I felt for a long time, but I couldn't find the handle of the door. This doesn't feel quite right. The hard voice had a tendency to develop into a stone in the latrine: "Have you touched enough?" She struggled to open her heavy eyelids and saw an iron-black face in front of her, and her hand was on the chest of the owner of that face. Jiong! I'm going the wrong way. When she was completely awake, she quickly drew back her hand and smiled awkwardly. "I'm sorry, I'm confused.." "An Sidong, do you have a brain?" He broke out and shouted at her, "You got drunk in a man's car at night,whirlpool bathtub, fell asleep in the car, and you didn't know how you died when you were eaten!"! How old are you? Can you be a little alert? That's because it's you. In fact, I hope you can have some evil thoughts about me.
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