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Blood Lady _ Pai Pai Novels (16th Nov 22 at 2:01am UTC)
In this short period of time, Mo Qinghuan has seen the existing situation in Fengqing Building into his eyes, and his constant tracking and analysis ability has made him quickly have a bold hypothesis. Unless what? I narrowed my eyes and looked at Mo Qinghuan with a sense of danger! "Unless they are willing to go with people, otherwise the wind will not be so neat in the building, even a chair has not appeared, and if the quilt on the wind childe's bed has disappeared, they seem to walk very leisurely!" Although Mo Qinghuan was afraid of me, he dared to speak out his conclusion. Do you mean that Ruofeng and Liyou killed so many of our own people, and then deliberately created the illusion of being robbed to make us anxious? My words are clearly with the meaning of irony, Xinchen's anger can not help but rise up, out of such a big thing, Mo Qinghuan actually doubt their loyalty to me? "Lord, that's not what my subordinates mean!" Mo Qinghuan is neither humble nor pushy. Then what do you mean? You might as well say it clearly. I'm waiting for your explanation! I stared at him without hesitation. Subordinate means that the other side is likely to take something or someone to threaten the water hall Lord and Ruofeng Childe, so that although they are angry in their hearts, they still have to follow them away! So there is no sign of fighting in this building, but what did they take to threaten the Lord of the Water Hall and the Childe of Ruofeng at the same time? Mo Qinghuan fell into thinking at the moment, also a little bit afraid of my face, touching the chin can not help the original row up, look here, and look there, seems to have been looking for deeper possibilities! But when I heard Mo Qinghuan's words, I also extinguished most of my anger. Yes, Li You killed people with music. As long as you felt the breath of strangers, you didn't have to fight directly with people at all. The sound of the flute was enough to hurt countless people, and the power driven by the True Qi of the inner family would definitely make the vases and utensils in the house explode first. Now, however, the two wide-mouthed vases used for decoration were not well placed there, that is to say, Li You had not used half a minute of music at all, or had not had time to use half a minute of force, and had been controlled. However, who had the ability to be so close to Li You that he would not be on guard to control him? Ruofeng? My mind suddenly jumped out of the word'Ruofeng ',Ceramic Bobbin, and then immediately shook his head forcefully, no, how can I doubt Ruofeng, Ruofeng's feelings for me, his attitude towards Liyou these days, all let me see his kindness and sincerity, he is not a person who will be sorry for the world, let alone sorry for me and Liyou! It won't be Ruofeng! Isn't it that Han Yiyuan's Hundred Li Ice Skill has been practiced? And then have the ability to reach the sky and the earth? Can you control Li You and Ruofeng at the same time in one move? While the three of us are still puzzled by this, my sorrow of parting and the wind are suffering like purgatory! "Yiyuan, what did you do with the child?" Lin Ruofeng's pale face, when he saw the handsome but terrible devil in front of him, was even more pale, but even if he was afraid, his eyes were still flashing with the fear of anger and hatred.
"If the wind, as long as you come back to me, I will not do anything to him, if I want him to die, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,Alumina Ceramic C795, sixteen years ago, I will not let him have the opportunity to come to this world, let alone let him have the opportunity to grow so big, you did not see how much he looks like you, there is no shadow of the JIAN man in Qingcheng, but even if he looks like you again, He's still the same JIAN. How can I let him live a good life? So I just gave birth to him, left in a wilderness, originally intended to feed the wolf, the result, but did not expect his life is quite big, was picked up by a passing troupe! Haha, as expected, the next JIAN people are the next JIAN goods, and the fate of opera singing is still passed down from generation to generation! Man's face, half hidden in the dark, people can not see his expression at the moment, the tone of voice, as if gentle to drip water, but the words spoken, but all are vicious and sinister, people listen to a sense of horror! Lin Ruofeng's body, which was already trembling, shook even more. "Sure enough, it's you, far away, you devil, why?"? Qingcheng and I, and our children, in the end where to offend you, why, why do you want to treat us like this? You broke us up, you told me that as long as I go with you, never see their mother and son, you will let go of Qingcheng, let her live a quiet life, you lied to me, you actually lied to me, Han Yiyuan, you should die, I am in the most painful time, or choose to believe you, believe you will not lie to me, you let me down too much, I will not compromise with you again, I will not! "No, Ruofeng, you will. Didn't you come back with me obediently?"? Didn't you pour the water away from the worry point obediently? You have always been soft-hearted. In the past, you fell in love with her because of the tears of that JIAN person. You felt that she was pitiful. So you fell into her gentle trap and ignored my care and love for you for so many years. But now you will still yield and compromise to me for your children and your flesh and blood. Am I wrong? I don't believe it. You don't want to see your kids? What's the name of that little JIAN? Well, it seems to be called Wen Yulian! Yulian, Yulian, it's a fresh and good name. Do you think if I throw him to the people below,ceramic bobbin heater, he will be able to clear up later? "Han Yiyuan, how dare you!" Lin Ruofeng almost cracked his eyes, and his already clear voice became even more shrill in his anger.
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